optinal emphasis in applied linguistics  
Applied Linguistics is a growing and vibrant discipline in universities nationally and internationally. It is an interdisciplinary field of research and instruction that provides theoretical and descriptive foundations for the empirical investigation and solution of language-related issues, especially those of language education (first-language, second-language, foreign-language and heritage-language teaching and learning), but also issues of bilingualism and biliteracy, language policy, language assessment, translation and interpretation, lexicography, rhetoric and composition. Students who demonstrate competence in these areas increase their opportunities for employment, as many job descriptions indicate a preference for candidates with an emphasis in applied linguistics or second language acquisition. Also, with the ever-increasing number of second language learners at the K-12 levels, it is essential for all teachers and educational researchers to have a fundamental understanding of language learning and teaching theories and practices.
Sep 9, 2014

Congratulations to the following students who have completed their Ph.D. and successfully added the emphasis in Applied Linguistics:  Jomeline Balatayo, Ariel Schindewolf, Monica Pierfederici-Leifer, and Allison Adelman!!

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