Executive Committee

Dorothy Chun
  • Education

Second language acquisition, L2 phonology and intonation, L2 reading and vocabulary acquisition, intercultural exchange, computer-assisted language learning, teaching and learning with digital media.

  • Linguistics

Intercultural communication; ethnography and communication; theories of cultural adjustment; social semiotic processes of identification; language ideologies and linguistic landscapes; language and globalization

Jan Frodesen
  • Linguistics
  • Director of EMS Program

Second language writing, pedagogical grammar, teacher education.

Jin Sook Lee
  • Education

Second language acquisition with a focus on ESL learners, foreign language education, bilingualism, heritage language maintenance, and interlanguage pragmatics.

Karen Lunsford
  • Writing Program

Qualitative/ethnographic studies, business writing, technical writing, scientific writing, argumentation, knowledge ecologies, collaboration, multimedia communication.

Laura Marques-Pascual
  • Spanish & Portuguese
  • Director of Spanish and Portuguese Language Programs

Second language acquisition, language teaching methods and pedagogy, Spanish as a heritage language.

Viola Miglio
  • Spanish & Portuguese

Phonology of Spanish and Romance languages, theoretical phonology, Optimality Theory, phonetics, language change.

Evelyn Reder
  • Germanic & Slavic Studies

Language teaching methodology; instructional improvement; curriculum development.

Jean Schultz
  • French & Italian
  • Director of French Language Program

Foreign language acquisition; cognitive aspects of foreign language learning; transition from language to literature study; foreign language writing.

Hsiao-jung Yu
  • East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
  • Director of Applied Linguistics Emphasis

Historical Chinese linguistics (grammar and lexicon), applied linguistics (language teaching theory and methodology, context and culture in language learning, and the use of computers in teaching foreign languages.