Current Students

  • Spanish and Portuguese

Language Teaching, Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

Jonathan Downey headshot
  • Dept. of Education

Online language learning platforms, L2 fluency perception, and augmented reality for multimodal input

  • Dept. of Education

Academic literacies, second language acquisition, language-in-education policies

  • Spanish and Portuguese

Hispanic Literatures

Jesus Olguin headshot
  • Dept. of Linguistics

Language documentation and revitalization,  integrative functionalism, functional intra-genetic and extra-genetic typology, morphology and syntax, competing motivations approach, clause linkage, reference-tracking mechanisms, grammatical relations, valency-changing operations, language processing, grammaticalization, Uto-Aztecan languages, language acquisition

Hala Sun headshot
  • Dept. of Education

Education and related standards, teacher development, curriculum design, language perception and identity